Come out for a little horse play!

Located within the beautiful hills of Erin, Ontario, Equine Erin’s goal is to create partnerships within the Equine Community and to provide horse education, equine marketing and events to groups and individuals.

Equine Erin offers workshops, clinics and camps featuring local instructors and professionals. Hands on learning helps people better connect with their horses for leadership, resiliency and creative development.

Vision Statement

Bridget Ryan (Equine Erin) believes in building resiliency and emotional agility via collaborative, experiential interactions with horses and nature.

Working with the horses, and the FEEL® training, Bridget (Equine Erin) will initiate programs to build personal resources and to develop deeper community connections.  To this end, programming will invite youth, businesses and individuals to experience the power of connection via equine interaction and shared experiences.  The sessions will take place for the most part, outdoors in nature and will include an integrative creative component.

The horse work and facilitated equine learning will be a tool and resource for self-discovery, building emotional resiliency, confidence, trust and forward movement.


There are currently no events scheduled.

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