About Equine Erin

Equine Erin is a horse-based marketing business located in the beautiful hills of Erin, Ontario.  Equine Erin offers marketing, events, and workshops for the local horse industry, individuals, youth and adults.  

Bridget Ryan has been intrigued by horses since she was a young girl.  As a child, horses were an important part of her overall farm experience. Bridget experienced many moments of joy, peace and connection while in the presence of horses.

After studying the creative arts, Bridget lived and worked in Toronto, in the marketing and promotion sector.  In 1999 she and her family moved to their Erin farm, and once again was living with horses.  Bridget’s marketing business, Equine Erin evolved to include events and equine educational workshops, nature camps, and horse-related writing.  

In 2005, Bridget and her horse Classy, were participants in Horse Spirit Connections’ inaugural FEEL workshop called The Power of Two.  This experience opened the door to a more expanded view of horse/human partnership and created a desire and a curiosity to learn more.  As a registered facilitator, Bridget/Equine Erin now offers FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ® sessions for youth, families and individuals.  Being with horses and being in nature, builds resiliency, creates connection and supports our work and personal relationships. 

Bridget’s other skills and interests include creative writing (University of Toronto) eco-sustainability, local food and community projects.  Bridget has certifications in F.E.E.L., Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Eco-mentorship and Wild Edible Plants.


Workshops have included:

-Equine Wellness and Health

-Horse-Interaction (yoga, writing)

-Equine Facilitated Learning (Youth, Individuals and Groups) where we integrate horses into education and experiential learning to produce extraordinary results.


Key events, management and/or direct involvement include:

-2018 Erin Fair Equine Tent, 3 day event including exhibitors, sponsors, demonstrations and live horses

-2017 Town of Erin equine outreach at Can-Am, Equine Events

-2016 Erin Agricultural Society/Erin Fair RCMP Musical Ride Event

-2015 Pan-Am Equestrian Games/support events and activities(Equine Canada contract)


Equine Erin develops marketing programs, horse events, equine education and horse related workshops. Bridget Ryan’s experience in the marketing, advertising and promotion industry enables her to execute multi faceted programs. Equine Erin’s vision includes the creation of collaborative, and sustainable partnerships supported by a little horseplay.

Equine Erin has partnered with the Equine Guelph/University of Guelph, Town of Erin, Erin Agricultural Society, Headwaters Horse Country (Headwaters Tourism)  and local equine business owners to develop marketing programs, events, workshops and equine-based education programs.