This week was horse heaven at our farm.  Muddy ponies, muddy
kids…lots of smiles.
Our horses and ponies were active and enthusiastic participants, in
our annual March Break, “Feathers and Horses Farm & Nature Camp.”

Local “pony pals”, teens who ride regularly at our farm, were the
instructors showing the little kids the ropes of Western Riding,
English Riding and proper use of spurs for exacting direction to your
reining or penning horse.

The weather cooperated, and the Spring sun shone on a nice day
yesterday as camp participants each had a turn to groom, tack up and
ride their favorite pony or horse.  Safety was stressed, helmets and
boots with a heel–a must.  Even the visiting cowboy-in-residence,
Austin (famous cattle sorting cowboy, imported from Mt. Carmel, Ontario
for the camp), donning an almost-too-cool helmet in exchange for the
traditional cowboy hat.

Laurenne and Maddie helped the younger kids make “pony pencil pals”–
cute little pony heads that sit on top of pencils, and then the girls
lead the teams in games and crafts, including in a search for “horse
shoes” hidden around the farm.

At the end of Pony Day, a truly exhilarating, wonderful, and
exhausting day of ponies and fun, Bridget and Emily rode off into the
hills with Classy and Scotty, and had a beautiful ride around the farm
at sunset.  Can ever get enough horse-riding time?  I think not!