Last Night’s Horse Course: Tuesday March 29:  When to Call the Vet

Charra, the pony,  from Noblebrook Farms, (thanks Rita Noble) joined forces with Dr. Brianne Henderson D.V.M  (Equine Guelph On-Line Instructor, and Dunville Veterinary Services) to present Equine Erin’s When to Call the Vet.

Dr. Brianne (with Charra’s stellar visual cues) presented important information relating to colic and intestinal horse health, parasites–yuck those worms! Horse dentistry (why?, how often? cost?) and injury treatment.  Dr. Brianne was an a excellent speaker, and no details were spared as she shared her experience and advice; often using photos and real life examples.  Dr. Brianne pointed out  that there increasing problem of parasite resistance to treatment on some farms where horses may have build up resistance due to incorrect use, timing of product application and overall horse immunity. Fecal egg counts and regular (2x/week) manure removal are being advised as a cost-effective and healthy alternatives to help avoid unnecessary dosing and resistance build-up.

In addition, Dr. Brianne explained why vets “float” or file down horse’s teeth, the procedure and the costs  ($150. and up/year).  If your horse tends to be on hay only, these problems tend to decrease.  It is important to check your horses annually for dental issues; as this can be quite painful, and result in behavioural and/or on-going health issues.

Charra (the pony) with Rita’s assistance explained how, as a well-behaved registered Canadian Miniature Horse, is a therapy horse and visits seniors homes.  Charra was extremely patient while the 30+ course Horse Course attendees asked many questions and took part in interactive discussions relating to horse health.

Peter from Reist Equipment in Elmira presented his company’s pasture management equipment along with an interesting video. Anyone wanting to contact Peter regarding the equipment on display at Stewart’s can telephone 519.669.1501 or 877.467.3478  or contact Scott at Stewart’s Agricultural Sales at 519.833.9616.

Door prizes were supplied by Reist (great blankets!), Budson’s Farm and Feed Co. ($25 value door prize,  Tail and Mane grooming products) and Dr. Brianne Henderson (key chains and boot-horn).  Thank you to all of our sponsors.

So, it seems that the key message coming out of our March 29th course was…
“Yes, you should look your “gift-horse”  in the mouth!”

Ask  your Vet to check out your horse’s mouth when you have your annual visit and learn what you need to take care of your equine friend.

Learn what you need to take care of your Equine Friend…join us on April 5, 2011.  Alf Budweth will address Nutrition: Hay and Supplements–Your Horses are what they Eat!

Happy, Healthy Horses save you time, money and heartache.