Women Who Run With Horses

Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1, 2011

To truly be yourself is the one of the greatest gifts you can give to others!

Better understand your authentic self, through awareness and interaction with the horses during our two-day Spring Workshop:

You will learn….

To honor your strengths and vulnerabilities
Connect mind and body
Acknowledge ancestry, traditions and relationships

Let go and grow….

Price $300.00

Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Yoga: Sunday @8am/$10.00 per person

Lunch Details:
Bring your own or $10/lunch, advance notice required
Menu: Saturday: Home-made Lasagna, local salad, fresh bread
Sunday: Cowboy Chili, organic salad, fresh bread, coffee, tea, water, fruit

Workshop Details:
Rain or Shine! Dress in layers, bring rain gear and boots.

Registration is limited! Sign up early!

Location: Bridget’s Farm
5832 Tenth Line, Erin, ON N0B 1T0

Contact: Kate Kerr – kricketts2@fireflynet.ca

Bridget Ryan equineerin@gmail.com or  519.855.4562

About the women behind Women Who Run With Horses

Equine Facilitator: Helen Russell www.Shadowdancer.ca

A Journey with Horses…

Helen Amanda Russell was born on a farm in the Highlands of Scotland, into a family whose history has long been interwoven with that of horses. Helen was drawn to these amazing creatures from an early age, loving the feeling of freedom and horse-camaraderie.

Helen’s formal equine career began over 25 years ago with The British Horse Society, and has since included horse-training, eventing, coaching, stable ownership and complete facility management, (in Great Britain and in North America). During the last five years, Helen has further expanded her equine knowledge in the area of ‘natural horsemanship’ or what is commonly referred to as ‘horse-whispering’.

Helen’s personal instruction and training methods include a variety of techniques learned through study with Monty Roberts, Chris Irwin and most recently The Epona Center in Tuscon Arizona. Helen communicates and interprets body awareness through ‘The Way of the Horse’.

Equine Facilitator: Kate Kerr

Kate Kerr lives west of Erin, Ontario with her family, two dogs and the cat. Kate was involved with horses for the first thirty four years of her life until children came along.

The boys are now young men and she felt the tug of the equine pulling her back and realized the way she relates with horses is similar to the way she relates to the people in her life.  Let them be what they are and not the way you want them to be—each has their own special talents, some that haven’t been discovered yet.  Being a Libra, Kate has always enjoyed balance.  Balance between energies, appreciating the journey of maintaining an even line, watching for and enjoying the change of tempo and why.  The horses have shown her how little effort it takes to do this.

Awareness, clarity, truth, and respect is what the horses tried to teach me at an early age and the same message is coming through stronger now that the wisdom of age and experience has attached itself to it.  Kate has apprenticed under Helen Russell in Equine Facilitation, bringing her empathic ability to interpret equine and human body language to the team.

Writing Facilitator: Nora Zylstra Savage www.story-lines.ca

Nora Zylstra-Savage, the “over-the-top” creative entrepreneur, is always in search of meaningful work that sheds light on our current world through the sharing of personal experiences. Nora has 20 years of inspiring and teaching others how to write their life stories. These stories have healed, empowered, challenged, and connected people of all cultures, ages and stages.  Nora specializes in creating generational-based programs for seniors and youth called Bridging the Gap. This program promotes understanding healthy relationships and counters ageism and generational stereotypes. Bridging the Gap has gone international and is now being delivered in Holland.  As a consultant, Nora develops and delivers programs with an intergenerational approach. Some of these have included: Memories and Music, Elder Abuse Awareness, Page to Stage, Spiritual Heritage, and Suicide Cafe.   Currently, Nora is obtaining her certification as a Professional Speaker from CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) to inspire and motivate organizations to use the intergenerational approach with the programs and services they offer.  From her world-wide travels, Nora loves sharing stories with enthusiasm, humour and “la joie de vie”.

Bridget Ryan www.equineerin.ca

Bridget has been a horse lover all of her life and most recently has offered horse related workshops through Equine Erin.  Bridget’s farm is located just outside the village of Erin, Ontario on 50 acres of rolling countryside – the perfect location for horses.  Bridget’s Quarter horse mare, Classy is the lead mare, often conceding her position to Duke, a wonderful gelding, a real gentle giant.  There are six other horses and ponies at the farm.  They range from Princess, Classy’s 2 year old filly to the grandfather, Scotty, a 23 year old Welsh.  Scotty has been nicknamed the perfect pony – truly a dream; kind and well schooled.  He is a patient teacher and friend to all!  The horses at the Ryan-Petrie farm are used for horse-human interaction, recreational riding and improving the view.  When not working, the horses return to grazing peacefully on the hillside above the pond.  Their horses are awaiting your visit.